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SpeakOut is a speakers’ bureau specialising in promoting diversity and inclusion

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Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important

As organisations transform their businesses to remain viable and thrive in the new digital economy, they are also see the value of diversity of thought and inclusion of difference in their workplaces.

SpeakOut represents successful LGBTI athletes whose personal stories of their efforts to succeed in competitive sport provide powerful insights to organisations that want  Higher performanceGreater Resilience and  Inclusive Leadership

Diversity makes better teams

High Performance

   All organisations want a high performance culture.

To succeed in the world of competitive sport you need clear goals, coaching and feedback, determination as well as natural talent.

Our speakers have performed and succeeded at the highest levels of their sports, overcoming prejudice, bias and ignorance.

Greater Resilience


Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress (American Psychological Association)

Our speakers have shown considerable resilience to succeed. Like any athlete, they’ve had to deal with disappointments, take on difficult feedback and dust themselves off to remain on the path to reach their goals. 

Our speakers have had to meet these challenges as well biases, prejudices and stereotypes because of their success and strength in being openly different.

Inclusive Leadership


Global mega trends in diversity of markets, customers, ideas and talent mean that leaders now require inclusive leadership capability to adapt and thrive in the new economy .(Deloitte)

Our speakers explore the importance of fair play and providing opportunities for all to do their best has been important in their careers and why it’s important for corporations.




Greg Louganis - click to see his BIO

Four-time Olympic champion Greg Louganis is widely considered the greatest diver in history. Greg earned a total of 5 Olympic medals, 5 World Championship titles and 47 national titles.

Jason Ball - click to see his BIO

Jason Ball is the 2017 Young Australian of the Year for Victoria, best known as the pioneering LGBTI advocate who in 2012 became the first male Aussie Rules footballer at any level of the game to publicly come out as gay in the national media.

Andrew Purchas - click to see his BIO

Andrew Purchas is Vice President of ACON, CO Founder of the Pride in Sport Index, Founder of the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club and Chairman of International Gay Rugby.  He is a leading advocate for equality in sport.